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"I thought the show was nice and It was worth the trip. "( American )
"The show this year seems to be bigger than the last show and I was glad to have been able to meet some of the top people in the Billiard industry. " (Thailand)
"I went to GBE on 31 March 2010 and had a fruitful trip there.Had meet many new suppliers cum old supplier(Wiraka, Centrum, Mikken,Meilin) there. This GBE is good and I shall attend next year." (Singapore)
" I found a number of suppliers that I could work with. I thought the show was going to be much larger than it was. I made some excellent contacts at the GBE and had a wonderful time in your country. " (American)
" Yes it was a very good show. We would be interested in attending next year so please keep us informed and email any literature and correspondence to me. "(UK)
" It was worth coming for me, as I met the company's I know and also other who are now in my list of suppliers.We are in negotiations now with these new companies for the delivery of their products. "( UAB )
" it was interesting to see such a big event held there and especially for snooker and billiards.i will definitely come again next year . " (Thailand )
" I had talked to Mr.Hiraoka about your show GBE2010 at mainland USA,and he did strongly recommand me to attend your show.,maybe next year or so. "(Japan)
" Thank you for your invitation to GBE 2010. It was worth coming all the way from India to China. "( India)