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Billiards Cultural Industry Park to Propel China to Billiards Primacy
This February, Xingpai Group and the Yushan Government officially signed the agreement to launch the International Billiards Cultural Industry Park Project with an investment of 3 billion RMB. 
This industry park will not only be a cluster of China’s, or even the world’s, best billiards product manufacturers, but also an international billiards culture center with professional billiards schools, world billiards museums, well-equipped billiards gymnasiums, and etc to publicize billiards culture, cultivate Chinese residents’ interest in billiards, build a seed-bed for young billiards talents, and attract world-class billiards players and contests to visit China. What’s more, its billiards e-commerce park is designed to be an international online sales platform for billiards products, influencing global billiards trades.  
When completed in 2019, this industry park is going to take Yushan one step closer to its goal of World Billiards Capital and China to billiards primacy.