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20th Annual Derby City Classic Successfully Concluded
By GBE Committee
Derby City Classic as an annual pocket billiard tournament captures the utmost attention and imagination of each billiards or snooker players, every single year. The 20th Annual Derby City Classic was ended with a grand finale of extraordinary performance and substantial bonus on Jan.27. Francisco "Django" Bustamante from Philippine topped the 20th Annual Derby City Classic One Pocket division and won the Master of the Table/All Around champion.
Photos taken by DCC
Championships of DCC2018:
9-Ball Bank:                    Deuel, Corey  
One Pocket:                    Francisco  Bustamante
9-Ball:                              Chris Melling
Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge:        GOMEZ Roberto
Mater of the Table:                       Francisco  Bustamante
Bank Pool Ring Game:               THORPE Billy
During competition, a high-quality table cloth enables to transmit a truly sense of warmth with the sensibility of the player while a set of first-class balls can add to the excitement of the game. CYCLOP pool balls have been exclusively displayed for Annual Derby City Classic for consecutive five years. CYCLOP pool balls are recognized as the best pool balls and highly sought after by any players. In a number of worldwide professional tournaments, CYCLOP are often used! 
As reported by leading American Pool & Billiard Magazine, CYCLOP and Andy Cloth are delighted to announced that they had concluded contracts with GB9, Britain’s only professional 9 ball pool tournament, for three-year sponsorship agreements. “Adam Stevens, GB9 Chairperson, says: “Cyclop Balls and Andy Cloth are both huge players in the global American Pool scene and I am thrilled that GB9 will continue to provide UK based players the opportunity to experience unrivalled playing conditions and first class equipment at each of our events.”
To extend its global presence and reach out to the clients all over the world, both CYCLOP and Andy Cloth have been much involved in China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE), for three years and five years consecutively, in an effort to penetrate into China. GBE 2018 is right around the corner! If you also wanna seek for opportunities to enter into China, you shall never miss this grand event.