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BookGame, a great new software for billiard clubs.

BookGame is a great new software for billiard clubs.

We help clubs to increase profits, increase their attractiveness against the competition by offering them a system for managing all reservations and the option of online reservation.

Thanks to our system, billiard clubs can manage all reservations in one online calendar. (In addition, they have extensive marketing options and reports for turnover analysis).
We also have the integration with WiFi bulbs (so using our software clubs will be able to automatically turn on / off billiard lights - without having to modify the entire electrical installation).

In addition, clubs can accept reservations for billiard tables, bowling lanes and seating directly via their website or via Facebook.
Customers can make reservations around the clock, clubs receive online payments and can be sure that the reservations will take place (because they are paid for) and definitely save their employees' time thanks to fewer phone calls.

Until now, there have been systems that required the club to install software locally.
It was associated with maintaining an additional server and in the event of damage to the computer - the club usually lost all its data. In our solution, the club has access to the entire system through a web browser and thus the data is on the external secured servers that are fully safe and redundant.

Therefore, the club owner / manager from anywhere in the world can have an insight into what is happening at the club and reduce implementation costs to a minimum.

We can offer you very attractive commercial conditions and a product that is currently part of the latest IT trends.
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