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LADON, the King of Cost-Performance Officially Landed in China!
After the long wait, LADON, the most cost-effective billiard ball brand of Hyper CYCLOP, officially hit the Chinese market on September 17, 2019. Meanwhile, the CPBA team reached a cooperation agreement with the brand and will become the general agent of China, including Hong Kong and Macau.
Positioned as the top cost-effective products, the retail price of LADON is only half of its peers under the case of having the same craftsmanship and tactile impressions. In July 2019, LADON entered the US market and was highly sought after. The enormous demand made the production lines of the HYPER CYCLOP have to work in the saturated state.
In this September, the products finally log on to the Chinese market after its prosperity in other countries. For making better promotion in China, HYPER CYCLOP signed a contract with CPBA, entrusting the team to be responsible for the marketing, promotion, and merchandise planning of the brand in the country. 
The CPBA team is a well-known manufacturer and distributor in the billiards industry. Its products such as CPBA billiard tablecloths and MOORI cue tips are excellent in the industry. Now, the join of LADON and other products of Hyper CYCLOP will make the product line of the team more complete.  
As for this cooperation, Wang Keyong from the team said, "It is the alliance between industry giants. Our current products are consumables, such as tablecloths. The ball is relatively non-consumable, and it is also indispensable in the billiard clubs. So, it is very suitable to sell in our channels. The cooperation enriches our product lines and brings more conveniences to our customers. We hope to promote the numerous HYPER CYCLOP products including LADON throughout the country by our channels.”