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Solutions to Attending Exhibitions Overseas Amid Pandemic

By Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

With effective pandemic-control measures taken, trade shows and conferences are now being staged again across China. Nevertheless, the pandemic still posts many challenges for attendees from overseas. 
In light of this situation, Grandeur Exhibition Group, the organizer of XXX, has kept exploring new ways for overseas exhibitors to take part in our shows, and below are two approaches that have proven effective in 2020!
Offline Attendance Via Local Representation
For those who are determined to have a physical presence at offline trade shows, it’s advisable to have someone already in the country to attend. You can:
∙Send employees stationed at local branches and offices to the event;
∙Entrust your agents to exhibit on behalf of your brand and company; 
∙Hire a local translator to help you receive visitors in your booth.
For example, during the Power China 2020 expo held by us last August, a group of 13 Russian companies successfully made their debut at the show with the aid of long-distance communication tools like online video chatting and video conferencing software, VR/AR/MR technologies, and etc. 
With proper pre-show preparation and thorough training of booth staff, this new approach can not only help exhibitors significantly cut trade show expenses, but also make it possible to attend multiple events in one day.
Virtual Presence at Online Trade Shows
Virtual exhibitions are the next big trend in the trade show business prompted by the pandemic. Riding this new boom, Grandeur has launched it long-brewed online exhibition platform last September, characterized by features like 3D products display, virtual factory tour, live streaming, and so forth. 
Currently, our platform has been chosen by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province to stage 11 virtual trade shows of the Guangdong Foreign Trade Promotion Program running from this Jan. to June. The first three shows alone have already seen attendance of over 50 countries and regions.

In an effort to help insiders worldwide restore pre-pandemic trade and communication, Grandeur will strive to push forward this new approach to other existing trade shows of ours, including the XXXXXX!

By constantly evolving our methods to tackle with ever-changing external challenges, Grandeur applies itself to connecting businesses worldwide. If you have trouble attending trade shows in China in person, welcome to consult us about remote participation!